Travelocity: America's Top 10 Spookiest Haunted Hotels

Discover Some of America's Scariest Places to Stay with Travelocity's 10 Most Haunted Hotels List! With Halloween right around the corner, many people seek out frights by going to haunted houses, haunted hayrides, costume parties, or watching classic horror films.

Surviving Security - Air Travel with Kids

Search protocols vary between international airports. Certain guidelines, such as restrictions on liquids, tend to be universal, but security rules differ on a country-by-country basis. Many of the world's busiest airports are taking steps to make security more family friendly.

Top 10 Airline Fees to Avoid

Are you able to keep up with all the add-on charges for flying? Some of these things have been included with airfares for decades, but now require an extra cost.

Second U.S. Legoland outdoor park: Legoland® Florida

Legoland® Florida discount ticketsWinter Haven, Florida (CNN) -- It's a Lego fan's dream come true: Legoland® Florida opened October of 2011 in central Florida, the first Lego-themed outdoor park in the United States since Legoland® California opened in 1999.

Saving Money Aboard a Cruise Ship

Getting a great price on a cruise is always fun.
Then come the on-board charges.
10 great tips how to avoid unexpected and unnecessary charges :
Saving Money Aboard a Cruise Ship by Mark Kahler

Sleeping in Airports. Is it worth it?

By Mark Kahler,

Would you plan to sleep in an airport to save money?
It's not recommended. Sleeping in a bright, noisy terminal is a challenge. It might not be the safest idea in a few situations. 

10 great places to see a movie in splendor

Larry Bleiberg, Karen Palmer - USATODAY
In this era of cookie-cutter multiplexes, it's hard to believe that going to the movies was once a grand night out. But a handful of old-fashioned movie palaces help keep the glamour alive, says Karen Palmer.

Airline fees: What you'll pay to check a bag, change your ticket and more

Airline fees for products and services, such as checking bags, rebooking flights and taking along pets, keep inching up. Airlines have become increasingly dependent on them for revenue. And they're a continuing source of disgruntlement for many fliers who keep looking for ways to avoid them.