Airlines try fare sales to lure travelers

By The Associated Press Several U.S. airlines have reported less traffic for the fourth quarter of 2008 as the recession hit both business and leisure travel. Some carriers have been offering sales to lure passengers back to the skies. Here are a few examples of current roundtrip prices for travel from Feb. 10-17, followed by the fare for February travel on the same route if booked Sept. 1. Both figures include all taxes and fuel surcharges but not extra fees for things such as checking baggage: • Boston-Los Angeles: $179 now on American and United; was $408 in September. • New York area-Chicago: $218 now on American, Continental and United; was $318 to $388 in September. • New York-San Francisco: $238 now on American, Delta, United and Virgin America; was $438. • Washington, D.C.-Vail, Colo.: $160 now on American, United, Northwest and Delta; was $560. • Phoenix-London: $499 on British Airways; was $869. Travelocity SAVES You 20% or MORE on Air Fares

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