Travel Tip #3 - Finding The Lowest Flight Fare

Travel Tip #3 - Finding The Lowest Flight Fare
Increase your ability to grab the lowest airfare available using a couple of simply techniques.

Best days to travel:
The lowest fares are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays with the exception of Holidays.

Booking Time:
To find the lowest fares, book your flight 14 to 21 days in advance.

Orbitz Price Assurance:
Book your flight using the Orbitz Price Assurance Link. If another Orbitz customer books your flight for less, Orbitz will send you a cash refund for the difference automatically.
No Fees + PA (125x125)

Air Miles and Travel Rewards:
Purchase your flight by buying or trading miles or travel rewards.

Buy points, miles and rewards from your programs, exchange them between your balances and trade with other people on It's FREE!

On Points, you'll track all of your latest balances and account numbers, all at a glance.

Every day, you'll find new opportunities to earn great rewards for your programs. more ways to build your balances.

Sign up for free at and add free points and miles to your existing rewards programs.

Flights Under $200 (125x125)

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